At Sapient Consulting, we combine our business and digital transformation expertise with a deep understanding of how industries operate to drive innovative solutions for your business.

Industries We Serve


Across oil & gas, utilities & energy retail, and agriculture & processed foods, we help your business refine its strategies, from optimizing trading and risk management to innovating digital customer engagement. Learn more.

Financial Services

From buy-side firms to investment banks and intermediaries, we enable your firm to navigate the complex demands of the evolving financial services landscape through combining strategic advice, innovative thinking and technology implementation services. Learn more.


Serving healthcare constituencies, from federal health agencies to insurance and pharmaceutical companies, we help your organization design strategies and systems that provide better access to health information, improve patient knowledge and outcomes, and advance the efficiency of care. Learn more.

Public Sector

Partnering with government, nonprofit and educational organizations, we blend strategy, creativity and technology know how with citizen insights gained from working with the world’s best-known brands to solve the public sector’s toughest problems. Learn more.

Capabilities We Deliver

Strategy & Consulting

Your organization’s transformational journey is unique to your business, industry and customer needs. We take these factors into account to define the path forward in a way that delivers value at every turn.

Technology Services

Powering every business is a complex technology environment. From high-level strategy and roadmap development to implementation, integration and hosting, we help you envision and build the IT infrastructure your company needs to achieve its business goals.

See How We’ve Led Others Forward

Our Work

Redefining Marketing Operations with a Global Asset Manager

Sapient Consulting is lowering the cost of marketing operations while adding new digital capabilities for a global asset manager.

Our Work

Embracing digital to modernize asset management

See how one firm is uniting traditional relationship management with its personalized high-touch approach.

Our Work

Turning investment content into revenue

An online mutual fund knowledge center provides rapid access to expert insights and new products to radically improve customer experience.

Our Work

Digitizing lending to reach new markets

Imagine taking a conventional product like collateral-based lending and reimagining it by offering loan approvals within just 30 minutes.

Our Work

How do you explain how Census data is used when the answers are as varied as the U.S. population itself?

Create multiple mobile apps to educate the public on the different ways data enhances daily life.

Our Work

How do you make it easier for traumatic brain injury researchers to collaborate across government agencies?

Build a secure, bioinformatics platform to centralize and standardize data.

Our Work

An enhanced, cloud-based architecture that can practically pay its own way.

The European DataWarehouse organization and platform already revolutionized the European securitization market. Now the organization is exploring another breakthrough.