Meeting the diversity of client needs requires the right mix of people and technology to be efficient and the right marketing content strategy to effectively communicate. Working with a global asset manager, Sapient Consulting delivered a managed service at scale to lower costs and provide industry and content operations expertise to optimize the firm’s global marketing ecosystem and operating model around people and process. This solution, Client Connect, creates a foundation for digital transformation, agility and innovation, while maintaining levels of service, timeliness, flexibility and quality.

In less than a year, the firm reduced the cost of human capital by 50%.

Workshops and shadowing initiate change

The Client Connect transformation approach has two parts: 1. Discovery; and 2. Transformation. Working collaboratively with the firm, Sapient completed workshops across the company’s three regions to discover the nature and scope of the current content creation, packaging and distribution (including 100+ types of content), while documenting the related policies and procedures.

Once discovery was completed, Sapient shadowed the firm and the firm shadowed Sapient to demonstrate an understanding of ongoing marketing operations needs when new technology is implemented and integrated (e.g., a sales enablement solution) into the existing digital marketing operations platforms (e.g., Salesforce). Sapient’s approach is to optimize existing investments in marketing operations and communications, and identify additional capabilities, integration opportunities and processes that drive efficiency and value to the broader organization.

"Our client is already receiving value from its digital transformation of marketing operations. As our Client Connect solution is further implemented and capabilities expand, the firm can optimize its human capital and grow new and existing client relationships."

Gurdeep Batra
Senior Vice President, Sapient Consulting

Lower cost of ownership

Part of the goal was to allocate marketing resources for strategic initiatives and lower marketing operations costs. In less than a year, the firm reduced the cost of human capital by 50 percent using Sapient to provide human capital at scale.

As Client Connect is further integrated, the firm will realize additional cost and technology efficiencies on top of the aforementioned savings on human capital. For example, the sales enablement solution for fact sheet production will deliver up to a 50 percent cost reduction for this specific activity.

Such marketing technologies digitize content, enabling the distribution of fresh and highly relevant content across all marketing communications. The result is lower costs, increased reach and conversion, and a major step forward on a broader digital transformation program.