Better engagement, even more prestige

In today’s connected digital world, consumers have come to expect instant access to a wealth of information, whenever and wherever they require. For high net worth individuals, it’s no different. As valued clients, they want to stay informed and in control of their investments while continuing to receive quality bespoke service.

A digital concierge offering from a large asset management firm combines the best of both worlds. With an established reputation for delivering a premium ”white glove” service, the firm now amplifies that through an extensive digital presence. Developed in partnership with Sapient, its comprehensive private wealth management portal provides:

  • Instant access to investment results, allocation and positioning, equity and currency
  • An abundance of research, news, quotes and real-time market data via integration with the firm’s mutual fund knowledge center
  • High levels of client engagement without limitations of business hours or locations

The power in their hands

The system is built on a highly responsive framework and optimized across multiple devices. That means relationship managers get to focus on interactions that matter the most, ensuring they continually add value. Clients, meanwhile, have a truly omnichannel experience with the ability to view, analyze and dissect their portfolio through multiple interfaces.

More touchpoints mean the potential for more activity. Clients have the power to not only view but also initiate changes to their portfolio, including instructing trades via their advisor. And in today’s fast-moving markets, this combination of speed, control and trusted advice becomes a critical differentiator.

The digital jigsaw

The digital concierge service is just one aspect of the firm’s wider large-scale digital transformation. Working with Sapient, it identified opportunities for technology to unlock new capabilities, drive efficiencies and grow revenues across the enterprise.

At the heart of the transformation is the customer experience—and with digital there are endless possibilities to create something that’s truly unique. Success, however, depends on understanding the user experience and being able to translate it to a digital world. In private banking and wealth management, Sapient first helped map the customer journey and then designed the workflows and technology needed to enhance it online.

Sapient’s experience with large-scale execution and front-to-back implementations meant it could tailor similar approaches for each initiative’s requirements. And while every project was distinct, Sapient’s digital skillset and knowledge of the enterprise resulted in a unified, strategic transformation.

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