Everything in one place, now

A pressurized, fast-moving and competitive market. That’s the reality for asset management firms today. Increasingly savvy clients demand more granular insights at their fingertips along with a wider choice of investment products. Firms know they must deliver but rising costs and competition from passive investments have squeezed profit margins and legacy technology has its limitations. The challenge is to find new ways to innovate and achieve more with less.

One global asset manager has embraced the power of digital transformation to do just that. Working with Sapient, it completely redesigned how it stores and provides access to mutual fund data for advisors, institutions and private individuals. Its mutual fund knowledge center is a single, centralized digital hub rich with authoritative insights, resources and expert advice. Investors can easily access:

  • Updates on their existing products’ performance, with outlooks and commentaries on the impact of market factors
  • Bespoke recommendations for new products based on current market developments
  • All the latest research in one location, 24x7, so they can stay up-to-date anytime, anywhere
  • Real-time analytics so they are equipped to make informed decisions quickly

And it’s not just clients that benefit. The knowledge center is built on a unified platform with an enterprise-class content management system and powerful governance and workflow tools. That means that firms can spend less time managing the system while ensuring it always delivers high-quality content. They also get deeper insight and analytics to understand what clients are really interested in and which sales channels are effective.

More than a data portal

And that’s just the beginning. The knowledge center is so much more than a vehicle for information. The firm has harnessed the full potential of its content to transform the hub into a live sales channel.

Third-party distributors can connect straight into the platform to access and resell the latest investment products to their own customers. As a result, the firm gains the support of a whole network of providers and extends its reach to new audiences—without the need for additional resources.

A Roubini ThoughtLab survey, in conjunction with Sapient, found that similar investments are paying off across the wealth and asset management sector. Digitally advanced firms derive 31.5% of their revenue from digital channels today, rising to 47.7% in 2022.

A foundation for growth

The knowledge center has transformed how the firm services its clients. It provides a cost-effective way for investors to remain informed while providing a powerful platform for growth.

As business and the market evolve, the platform can adapt and grow without the need to significantly change the architecture. Most importantly, the firm can continue to maximize efficiencies and grow revenues while delivering the best possible service to its clients.

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